Goal , Vision and Mission

Saudi Society for Clinical Labs aims to achieve the following:
  Upgrading of scientific workers to specialize.
 Setting standards and regulations for the proper practice of the profession and the provision of scientific advice in the area of ​​specialization.
 Improve the quality and raise the level of functionality of the members of the Assembly and the definition of the functions and duties of the laboratory specialist in the field of health.
 Find ring and access to specialist laboratory at the local level and highlight the role of the laboratory specialist in the health community and the definition of the laboratory specialist areas of work and scientific research.
 Contribute to solving the functional obstacles facing the laboratory specialist.
 To facilitate the exchange of scientific production and scientific ideas in the field of laboratory between bodies and universities within the Kingdom and abroad.
  Contribute to raising the level of health awareness among the public.
Vision of the Association:
The Saudi Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences aspires to be a pioneer, scientific, practical, research and academic institution in its national sphere and as a partner in the creative drawing of the future of health care by creating added value for the practitioner and the beneficiary.
Message of the Association:
The Saudi Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences works as a link between clinical practitioners, researchers and leaders, on the one hand, and community members and institutions concerned nationally and internationally, on the other hand in this field in all its branches, responding to their needs and specificities. To achieve continuous development in the health sector through training, education, education and scientific research.

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